Being a Trainer vs. Being a Coach

May 29, 2008

When I began my journey to become a personal trainer almost two years ago, I didn’t realize that being a trainer did NOT necessarily translate to being a good COACH…little did I know…

What I’ve realized in the past couple months (which seems to be in the front of my mind daily) is that having training knowledge doesn’t count for all that much in becoming a successful coach. For me at least, acquiring and understanding all the information on training and anatomy/physiology is the easy part. I find the hard part (which also happens to be what I believe will be more integral in my professional success) is knowing how to COACH.

For me, knowing how to coach is largely a matter of communicating with people EFFECTIVELY. Different ages, different skill levels, different personalities all make this something which I have to continually focus on in order to improve. Funny thing is in certification courses I’ve taken, this “Art” of coaching stuff isn’t mentioned! When people are entering into the fitness industry, they’re never taught to take a certain coaching approach with this personality type and another with that personality type.

Working at SST has opened my eyes to this, and it is something that I believe will bring me closer to my dreams than trying to memorize every supplement protocol or some training text. Some of my biggest professional goals have become to interact effectively with ALL people, and teach the client something/make THEM think and become an active part of the training process. These are things I believe  make a successful coach.

Fortunately I’ve realized this very early in my professional career.



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