A Great Piece of Equipment

June 13, 2008

Recently added to the equipment list at SST has been a set of gymnastics rings. And in the short time that we’ve had them, they seem to be more and more versatile every single day!

For one piece of equipment, many exercises can be performed! On top on that, they allow for slight variations of exercises typically performed with barbells, which can be great for shoulder health and in the case of clients with shoulder issues, a safe alternative to these exercises.

Here’s a small list of what we’ve come up with so far:

Inverted rows, triceps extensions, rear delt flyes, pushups, pushup/fly combo, pec flyes, chin-ups — all with several variations because of the rotational ability of the rings to allow different grip variations and combos! (This grip versatility is actually why exercises performed on the rings can be a lot safer from a shoulder health perspective).

Yesterday, a few of the trainers thought of doing upside-down chin-ups, so I gave them a try in my own workout. To sum up, this variation had its good and bad points…however I’ve realized that getting creative is always a positive and you can never know if an idea is good or in need of improvement unless you try it out!



2 Responses to “A Great Piece of Equipment”

  1. A good one I like to throw in every once and a while is the rear-delt-fly to horizontal pull-up superset. By horizontal I mean to bring the rings down far enough that when your arms are fully extended your back is just above the floor. Your feet are resting on the floor, or elevated to ring height. With you feet on the floor squeeze your scapula’s together. Man, those rings were a golden idea!

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