Slowing Down to Speed Up

June 17, 2008

Commonly the term agility recalls definitions that say something along the lines of the ability to change directions quickly. Also the term agility seems to commonly get lumped together with the term quickness.

This is all well and good as essentially this is what it is, but as I have learned, this also overlooks one very important aspect.

I myself didn’t realize this aspect until last fall after I had COMPLETED my internship at SST.

This aspect is DECELERATION.

With speed and agility, acceleration gets a lot of the attention and deceleration sort of gets forgotten, but what must be understand is that without efficient deceleration the athlete is unable to be as agile and quick as they could be, even after making improvements in acceleration.

A truly agile athlete is both efficient slowing down and re-accelerating in the required direction.

This is one of the big things I look for during the Pro-Agility Test (which I wrote more about here). I really want to watch how athletes make their change of direction during the test; Is it efficient or not? Are they in control or not?

Often with many young athletes the answer is a re-sounding no.

Of course this is no fault of their own, just that like speed, agility and deceleration is a skill that can be improved with attention to quality of execution. In essence, improving the efficiency of the deceleration is what leads to improved agility; what we tend to notice as quickness.

So as odd as it may sound, becoming better at slowing down can make the client faster.



2 Responses to “Slowing Down to Speed Up”

  1. Andy Dube Says:

    You are indeed my hero.

  2. Angela Smith Says:

    Nice blog. Thanks for sharing this blog with us

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