Taking Action

June 20, 2008

Sometimes the hardest part of achieving anything isn’t realizing what you want to achieve but starting the process of achieving it. I know this is definitely a problem I have every now and again, especially when those first few steps seem like they are not going to do much for the desired result.

What I’ve realized is these first few steps, no matter how small, are often the most important as they get me moving towards my goal and often lead to building up momentum which makes subsequent steps that much easier to take.

The nerd in me has always enjoyed reading things that will help me improve my weaknesses, but what I’ve realized is reading these books does nothing by itself, I have to apply what I’ve read. (I don’t really know why it took my so long to realize this…) Once I started taking action, that was when I started to notice results and improvement!

And the more I force myself to take action, the easier it becomes to make those first steps! Who would’ve thought?!

Needless to say, I believe improving in this area will be important for anything I attempt to do as it will improve my likelihood of success, and as a perfectionist I like good odds! :)

Here’s to keep taking action!



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