Monday’s Random Thoughts

June 23, 2008

A few random things in my head right now:

1) Is the central nervous system (CNS) overlooked when designing programs?? Should we really be focusing on it when designing programs to boost athletic performance?

2) Measuring vertical jump with a Vertec or the Just Jump pad…I’m starting to lean towards the Just Jump system especially since it gives us more information.

3) Interval training rest periods based on heart rate recovery makes a lot of sense with respect to individual differences.

4) Interval training on a stationary bike is arguably the safest mode for interval training in beginners. But what if the beginner is someone working a job that requires they sit at a desk all day?? Is it still a good idea??

5) Regarding pre-adolescents doing isolation exercises like triceps pushdowns (as I witnessed on Saturday), are bigger triceps really what they need??

6) If an athlete comes in to train and they’re looking rather comatose, how much do we adjust their program?? In other words, how do we know how much they can still handle that day??

7) Trying new foods, especially vegetables, often requires a bit of effort usually from someone else, but afterwards it’s never as bad as I thought and sometimes even tastes good!


2 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thoughts”

  1. Andy Dube Says:

    Chris loving the blog, keep up the good work.

  2. fitfiend Says:

    Speaking of vegetables…I used to hate raw carrots. Now I love them….I use hummus as a dip. SO GOOD!

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