Monday’s Random Thoughts #2

July 7, 2008

1) Does core stability play a MAJOR role in power output (ie. pitching velocity, slapshot speed)? I’m really thinking it does, and that limited power output in a familiar movement pattern can be limited by how much force can be transferred through a stable core.

2) Cholesterol and its relation to heart disease…or lack thereof…

3) Metabolic typing sounds like pretty cool stuff that also sounds like individual differences are used as the basis for selecting dietary habits to follow. I now want to know my metabolic type.

4) Single leg strength is important for sport performance and reducing injury potential, which is great. One classification: static-supported single leg exercises (think split squat) are great for getting enough overload by means of increasing intensity (weight). Does this mean more back off phases with these movements be a good idea as I believe they put a lot of stress on the knee?

That’s all, just four for now…



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