Was Vernon Wells’s Latest Injury Preventable?

July 10, 2008

Just last night as he was coming into third base on a base hit, Vernon Wells pulled up with a grimace and was holding his hamstring.

The baseball fan that I am was happy that the Jays managed to hold on and win the game, but Vernon Wells getting injured again just meant that this victory came at a cost.

Today, that cost was realized as it was reported that he was placed on the 15 day DL and is expected to be out for 4-6 weeks.

Now the reason I bring this up is because everytime I hear about a professional athlete getting injured, my thoughts turn to how the athlete trained or how they were trained by either a personal trainer or the team’s strength and conditioning coach. Specifically this happens when athletes suffer NON-contact injuries, because these are preventable. So I start wondering whether something in the athlete’s training program (or NOT in it) contributed to the injury.

Was there an imbalance or assymmetry not corrected? Did something need more strength, more flexibility, more mobility, more stability? Etc…

One of my main goals for a training program I write for an athlete is to reduce non-contact injury risk. I say this is one of my main goals because improving an athlete’s strength, power, etc is USELESS if the athlete gets injured and cannot play!

Why do I keep specifying “non-contact injuries”??

That’s a blog post all by itself, so clarification will have to wait, but the message of this post is just what I start thinking about when I hear about a pro athlete getting injured.



One Response to “Was Vernon Wells’s Latest Injury Preventable?”

  1. Raffi Pirjanian Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am a strength and conditioning coach based out of Toronto. I came about your site and noticed you are an up and comer learning the ropes. I work almost exclusively with this countries High Performance athletes, specifically Olympians and hockey players, anywhere from the OHL and NCAA level right up to the NHL. I can give you more info about me if you want but if you ever needed any help figuring stuff out or want to bounce ideas and theories off of me then by all means. This industry needs good knowledgable people very badly!


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