Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes – My version

July 18, 2008

Its interesting how an article was published at T-Nation yesterday on this very concept because in talking to another trainer while at work yesterday, I realized perhaps I was guilty of doing the same.

We were talking about seated overhead pressing with or without the use of a back support (bench set to 90 degrees). Now my 100% rule had been that if the client can stabilize their upper body while pressing a load overhead, no back support should be used (notice the black-and-white nature of the statement). However what I was made to realize is that for stronger clients a seat back might be an option to allow for enough overload without compromising spine health.

Now I guess an argument could be made that if the client has learned how to properly stabilize their lumbar spine under load,  then they should not have a problem stabilizing under a heavy weight. Or that if they can’t stabilize with a certain weight, they shouldn’t be lifting it.

But I have to remember that different people train for different goals. If someone wants to get add muscle mass without worrying about transfer to performance does it really matter that they are not performing an exercise standing, or with a back support, etc??

My clients will be happiest if I help them achieve THEIR goals.

This conversation was a very good (and apparently much needed) reminder of what a part of my job entails!



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