Collaborating or Competing?

July 27, 2008

I’m listening to the latest episode of the Fitcast right now…and one of the best parts was the very first segment. Host Kevin Larrabee was having a short discussion with the host of another hot fitness podcast, Anthony Renna of the Strength Coach Podcast.

This caught my attention simply because traditional business culture would suggest that since they are competing podcasts, why would they share their ideas, etc with eachother. To hear them discuss whats going on with eachother’s podcasts was a great example of a mastermind (something I learned about from reading Think and Grow Rich). It was great to hear them discuss these things and implicitly push the message of collaborating in this industry instead of competing in the traditional dog-eat-dog culture.

What I really enjoy about both podcasts is that they have unique segments to their respective podcasts, plus they offer a more personal medium through which to hear some of the fitness industry’s heavyweights (compared to reading an article).

Lastly, listening to these podcasts always gets me motivated to network as these two have become very good at that, and shown that it is possible to contact these experts in the field.



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