My Current Training Program

August 1, 2008

Hello Universe! I thought I’d take the time today to comment on what I’m doing in the gym right now:

One of the big changes I’ve made to my own training recently is working my abs FIRST, instead of last. (And by abs I really mean all the core muscles). I do two exercises each workout before I get into any bench pressing, squatting, etc. I’ve also set it up so that a different aspect of core strength is focused on each day. One day is upper abs flexion, another is lower abs flexion, another is basic stability, and the last day is rotational stability. Why I’ve done this is simply because it is the opposite of what we’re told to do (train core last), and to see the results that come from using this approach. My goal here is simply to improve my core strength so that I can pass the FMS rotary stability test.

Tougher than it looks!

Tougher than it looks!

I’ve also gone back to a higher volume approach focusing on my arms. One day has a traditional exercise order of compound movements to isolation movements, while my other upper body day begins (after core) with isolation exercises followed by a couple compound movements. Again, this is more to go against the grain a little bit and try soemthing new, but not simply for the sake of being different.

So that’s a rundown of what I’m “experimenting” with right now in my own training.



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