My Nutritional Shake-up: Day 1!!!

August 3, 2008

Today marks a “Day 1” for me and my nutritional habits…or should I say transformation. So why is it a transformation??

Several reasons: First, my nutritional habits generally suck! They consist of eating the same thing over and over again with little focus as to making the dish taste good and creating a connection between the ingredients (kinda sounds like someone has been watching a little too much of the Food Network doesn’t it!). Also, whenever I’ve taken a protein supplement, it tends to do more than “supplement” my diet. So what happens is that I will gain weight while using the protein supplement, but after I run out and before I get some more, I will lose weight simply because my dietary habits can’t provide me with enough calories like when I’m consuming protein shakes.

So with that background story out in the open now, I’m going to share with you the TWO choices I have every time I face this situation (no more protein). Choice #1 is buy more protein and keep doing as I’ve been doing. Choice #2 is work on creating better lifestyle nutritional habits.

Needless to say one is easier than the other, and also I wiritng this simply because until now this has been the path I’ve taken (Choice #1 for those still following me). Here I’ll comment on one question that stems from this choice: HAS IT WORKED FOR ME??

My answer: In the short term, yes! It is a quick, easy, bandaid solution. However, it also leaves me running in circles concerning my nutritional habits and desire to gain weight (muscle mass). I will gain weight when I have protein powder to consume, and then I will lose wieght when it runs out, until I either buy more protein or improve my nutritional habits slightly. Basically it hasn’t allowed me to develop the nutritional habits necessary for sustainable muscle growth such that I desire.

So after about a year now of running in circles, I’ve decided to go with the road less travelled: Choice #2. And I believe this is the time to make a necessary change or I will always do the same as I’ve done for the past year or so. The past couple days I’ve read over John Berardi’s articles at T-Nation (this one and this one), as well as been mulling over purchasing his Precision Nutrition package, and I’ve decided to really give this a serious effort for both my long-term health and my physique goals.

Already I’ve made a menu and gone shopping as per Dr. Berardi’s suggestions in his articles (some mroe shopping to do today though), so at least I’ve already started to take action…something that is often a challenge for me when I decide to do something new. I will probably post every so often about my experiences and progress to add a measure of accountability for myself, just to keep myself going in the right direction.

So I just wanted to share that with you today that I’m starting on an journey to develop nutritional habits as strong as my training habits. Day 1 and counting…



2 Responses to “My Nutritional Shake-up: Day 1!!!”

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