Monday’s Random Thoughts – August 11/08

August 11, 2008

1. So far I’ve missed the Olympic weightlifting competition…now, I’m hoping I dont miss the gymnastics rings event. Also a very impressive feat of strength!

2. Lately, I’ve been going the other way on volume spectrum for gaining muscle mass (I’ve been quite the low volume advocate for a while now). I’m not throwing out the idea of low volume for hypertrophy, just different situations call for different approaches.

3. I’m finished my first week with the new nutritional habits I’ve been following…maybe not the 90% adherence rate suggested, but I am still happy with it.

4. Why wait until a muscle gets tight during a workout to realize you need to roll and stretch it?? I’m partially to blame with this as I haven’t been so adament about rolling and doing some static stretching before working out. This will be changing…I like the warm-up guidelines in Maximum Strength.

5. Why do people get so worked up about bad weather?? (it’s been raining a lot lately in the greater Toronto area) Its out of our control, and unless its a hurricane or tornado, its really not so bad.



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