Biomechanics: Real Life vs University

August 14, 2008

Earlier today at work, I got into a discussion about how different biomechanics is viewed in a practical location (ie. a gym) and an academic institution (university in the case of the conversation).

Anyways, we were discussing how at a gym like SST, we think of improving our biomechanics knowledge as improving our knowledge of how to teach technical aspects of exercise and movement, as well as the correction of any deviations from the optimal movement pattern.

In an academic institution (the one I attend anyway), my biomechanics classes have focused not on movement execution, teaching, etc in a practical sense, but in a research-oriented approach. Basically, to prepare students for possible further academic research in the area.

Last summer after interning at SST, I was expecting a more practical approach to biomechanics at school, and I ended up being rather disappointed for it. The practical model of biomechanics is something I find much more interesting (obviously, since I work in a gym). But it just reinforces the difference between an academic education and a practical one; a university degree doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the practical world out there.



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