My baseball season is over: Recap

August 18, 2008

It sad but true, the men’s league team I play for lost last night amidst a million mosquitos, so its game over for another year. Fortunately as a trainer, I can realize things I need to fix and how to fix them.

For instance, for the past two years I’ve had some elbow (UCL) issues, so over last off-season I found out what I needed to do about it, and did it and after a full season of pitching this summer, my arm still has not hurt at all.

However last night a different issue cropped up: hamstring pull. Now I’ve never had hamstring issues before, soo this is going to be a good learning experience. So that is my “project for the off-season; get healthy and fix the cause of my hamstring pull. I’ve been including plenty of deadlifts, squats, and glute activation stuff in my program for over a year now so this was kind of surprising to me, (however I have an article coming out in the SST newsletter that covers my thoughts on why it happened…good timing I guess ;) )  

It’s times like these that I’m glad I’m a trainer and havd had the experience at SST, because when my teammates talk about their shoulders hurting, they often continue with something about doing more external rotations (the magic cure for baseball players right)… since that is the most popular and abundant information out there of the prevention of arm injuries in baseball players. I’ll think I’ll post mroe on this another day…



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