Our Basement “Gym”

September 9, 2008

One of the things I’m doing this year back at school is NOT training at the university gym. Instead, I am working out with friends at their basement “gym” with whom I live conveniently nearby (right across the street = score for me)

Now it might be an understatement that our gym isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing or filled with all the equipment one could ever need, however already I’ve been able to have a couple quality training sessions there.

We are limited to 300 pounds of cement-filled plates, dumbbell sets of 25-40 pounds, as well as single DB’s below 25 pounds. We have a chin-up bar…with a brand new dip belt, and an ab wheel which pretty much ends our list of equipment.

Just enough equipment though to create some great workouts!

Also with a little creativity, we are able to come up with less conventional uses for our equipment. Such as using rope attached to our chin-up bar to do inverted rows, triceps extensions, rear delt raises, etc.

Here’s what I did in my lower body session about half an hour ago:

A1) Ab Wheel Rollouts 4×15 reps

A2) Barbell Deadlifts amap (as many sets a possible) x 5reps…basically working up to a heavy set of 5 reps. This ended up being 4 sets…probably should have been more though…

B1) Towel Leg Curls 3 x 12 reps…I should get a camera and film these. They are much harder than they look! A little creativity went a long way here.

B2) Single leg squats 3 x 8-10 reps per leg to a lifting bench.

B3) Romanian Deadlifts 3 x 6 reps

To put it both bluntly and in bad grammar: It don’t need to be fancy! Training results aren’t all about the equipment you have or don’t have access to.



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