What’s Going on right now

September 17, 2008

So I just got internet hooked up at my house here at school, which means more frequently updated blog posts amongst other things. However I think for the immediate future I will be writing about things a little differently than I did during the summer:

– Working at SST in the summer gave me that real world application/trial and error experience for which I could formulate blog posts based on something I had learned during the day or week.

– Right now most of my education as it concerns coaching and training is coming from what I read and my own training. I’m still learning via these media however I feel that I learn best by doing something and either succeeding or failing. I don’t want to just be an “internet expert” on coaching so I will keep the vast majority of my posts to areas in which I’m actively involved in the learning process.

As for other updates:

– My nutritional habits have still remained pretty solid as I outlined them in this post…still room for improvement though. Also I think not having a scale in the house here is going to be a positive as I keep striving towards my goal of gaining muscle. I just tend to get very numbers-oriented when I weigh myself, and this can affect my day nutritionally.

– Yesterday I tweaked my back in training. As far as dumb injuries of the day go, this ranks up there. I tweaked it lowering the bar (I was do shrugs) to the floor. Just another reminder to clean up my hip issues, it would be smart of me to listen to this “reminder”

– Speaking of hip issues and low back pain, I’ve recently started incorporating glute activation almost daily and have really noticed that when I do the exercises on my left leg/hip, I don’t feel my glutes activating. Even when concentrating on using the glute to extend this is the case. I’m not sure of easier progressions than the prone hip extensions so I’m in the middle of some experimentation with that.

– Finally being back at university allows me to see no shortage of people do long slow cardio, one method of which is running. Being the observational person that I am, I often look at their posture when they are running. What I see is a lot of less than perfect posture: forward lean/no hip extension, sitting back/also no hip extension, and some people just don’t look like they’re running. Now its great that they’re being active but if you can’t hold proper posture or form is it a smart thing to do?? Its 6:55 pm and I could go on all night about this topic, but for all our sakes I’ll leave it at that.



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