The Last Game at Yankee Stadium

September 22, 2008

As many of you that follow sports have probably heard already, last night was the last game held in Yankee Stadium. Watching it on tv, it seemed that the pregame and postgame celebrations as well as having some of the Yankee legends chat with the play-by-play guys really captured the atmosphere that made that stadium synonymous with baseball.

Those that have known me since before I really got into this coaching/training thing know that my first love is baseball and that its been that way since I was 7 years old or so. For the lognest time, thats all I wanted to do when I grew up, and my involvement in baseball lead me to the training and coaching that I do now. I guess its the typical retired athlete staying in sport in some capacity.

Anyways back to last night. To think of all the history and all the great players that have gone through Yankee Stadium, it really will be missed. Howeevr across the street they have the new Yankee Stadium which will have that Yankee mystique move in with the team next season. Undoubtedly, the Yanks will be adding to their history in the new ballpark soon enough…after the Jays finally win another World Series of course!!! (Go Jays)

Its funny, after the last out of big games I always get the feeling of “Now what?” because up until then there was always another pitch, then it starts to sink in that baseball at Yankee Stadium is actually finished…


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