Learning from Experience

September 25, 2008

Being a naturally introverted and good looking man, it has never been very difficult for me to reflect on my exeriences. Howeevr this summer, I started reflecting a lot more frequently…every day I was at the gym for sure, so after working in the gym I’d take the train home and this would give me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my day. I’d go over what I thought I did well, what I could have done a better job of and how, and what I learned.

As the summer went on, I realized that not only was I learning things that I needed to do to be a good coach, trainer, etc, but also things that I would do differently from the scenario that I learned from. That actually seems like an awkward way to describe it.

This point of experience teaching me something I don’t like or don’t want to do has become really clear regarding one of my classes this semester. Its an entrepreurship course, and it is beneficial in the sense that I will leave the course with a greater business sense, but also in that general entrepreneurship and financially assessing opportunities aren’t things that excite me. My entrepreneurial goals are more about the specific technical work I do than about just being an entrepreneur without a technical allegiance.



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