Midterms and stuff…lots of stuff

October 16, 2008

1. Got two midterms today…Yay Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (“Nuff said)

2. Lately my diet has been pretty craptastic! A loss of consistency due to the kiss of death of good dietary habits (running out of good food). Anyways basically I need to get back on track. About 3 weeks ago I started keeping a food journal to give me some accountability, and in spite of my recent dietary misadventures, it has helped me become more consistent. I also have realized that having a concrete record of what I’m eating makes adjusting the plan A LOT easier!

3. Training has been going to crap too! VERY inconsistent which hasn’t been an issue since like first year. On top of this, I’m doing something I would not usually program for myself (which I think can be good): body part splits. Basically this amounts to a lot of things I have to clean up.

4. In my last post I talked about my biomechanics lab. So why was it the best lab I’ve had in university?? Being in individuals groups (1 group per lab week, so no lab every single week), we got to do EVERYTHING (read=it was hands on). Coincidentally thats how I feel I learn best so I really enjoyed for that reason. I always retain more if I can learn by doing (and making mistakes).

5. I’m so rooting for Tampa Bay to kick those much hated Red Sox out of the playoffs…also Evan Longoria is a STUD!! Not to mention that young, talented pitching staff…almost reminds me of the Jays’ arms race of 2008 in terms of stuff.

6. Staying in the world of sports, ARIZONA CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who woulda thunk?? They are playing big this season!

7. I really wouldn’t be surprised if my next post is a random thoughts deal too…just one of those times I guess

8. HAPPY THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



One Response to “Midterms and stuff…lots of stuff”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Any possibility that you’ll be posting any of that food journal here? I ask because I wonder if you will notice the same things I did – I don’t eat enough, my nutrient timing was off and I eat a 5 or 6 things over and over again relying too much on whey protein instead of solid food.

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