Friday Random Thoughts from Me to You

November 14, 2008

2391.gif1. Last weekend the Brock Women’s soccer team advanced to the national championship game held in BC against the host university. Unfortunately they lost 1-0, but walked away with a silver medal! Pretty awesome stuff there!

2. One of the strength and conditioning coaches that has played a large part in helping me develop not only an ever-developing deep knowledge of training but also helping me put together a training philosophy is Coach Mike Boyle. I bring this up because he is having his annual winter seminar next February, and I signed up. Its going to be my first professional seminar so I’m pretty excited about that, plus the list of presenters is top-notch!

I’ve actually been waiting for this seminar since I missed the sign up for last years by a couple days. I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to make that same mistake twice.

3. Some baseball news: The AL Cy Young award was given out yesterday and Cliff Lee won. Nothing against him, because he did have an awesome year, but Halladay should have won! To be as dominant as he is while pitching more innings than every other pitcher in ther league and having the most complete games by far should be considered more. 

4. So nothing really training related today. Happy Friday!

Doc Halladay

Doc Halladay



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