Who should train for power??

November 20, 2008

Not 21st century fitness programming

Not 21st century fitness programming

Yesterday afternoon I was watching a dvd of fitness expert Alwyn Cosgrove’s presentation from the 2008 Perform Better summit (www.performbetter.com). You can check out the site for more information, however just to summarize, Perform Better runs one of the premier continuing education lectures series in the fitness industry.

Anyways, Alwyn’s presentation was titled “21st Century Fitness Programming”….to get an idea of what he covered, you can take a look at my “Mistakes in the Gym” posts: Exercise selection and General training. To further expand on that, the presentation was about “based on what we know about the body now, how has effective program design changed”.

One area really stuck out in the presentation — power development, and he said it himself in the presentation: “Why do we only do power training with athletes?”. I know this is an area I’ve neglected in my own training for some reason (in all honesty, I don’t have a good one). Back to the presentation, Alwyn used the example of a senior rushing down a flight of stairs to get the phone vs. a college basketball player — who has a higher risk of falling. Now to take it out of context of the presentation, this made me think of the debate on training for aesthetics: should we create a performance-based program or a  mass-building (somehwat bodybuilder-ish) inspired routine? In the performance-based program, it is reasoned that muscle gains will take care of themselves provided proper nutritional habits are in place. In the typical mass-building program though, little focus is given to actual skill performance. Simply put, it is a program with far less variety in terms of stimuli.

Looking back on my recent programs I’ve done, I’ve realized that I have fallen in the trap of the typical muscle building routine. I guess you can add this to my Mistakes in the Gym list (maybe I’ll start having to write a monthly article on that covering what I’ve learned and changed each month…)

Dont forget your power exercises!

Don't forget your power exercises!

Anyways with the next phase of my program I am going to include power training exercises for the first time in a very long time, and see what happens…after all, I’m my own favourite guinea pig! :)


PS – also, the obesity epidemic here in North America is just that, an epidemic. Here’s a trailer for a documentary called Killer at Large that covers the epidemic in the US and a girl who at just 12 years old is getting liposuction. When I heard about this and watched the trailer, I was pretty speechless to say the least. What is this world coming to…


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