“Random Thought” Fridays: November 21

November 21, 2008

Here we go, back for a second straight installment of Random Thought Fridays!!!

1. One more week of classes!!! (I know, thats quality information right there!)

2. I played 3 years on a year-round travel baseball team in the hopes of getting a baseball scholarship. Looking back, I definitely don’t think it was the best way to achieve my goals…not to mention that fact that I “specialized” in baseball from a very young age. This is not to say that in this real world of ours, it didn’t provide me with the best opportunity to accomplish my goals. However, developmentally it does not make the most sense. For the sake of brevity, the issue is simply what is popular vs. what is best for the athlete.

3. Treating injuries: looking at the pain site vs the pain source. I’m a strength coach, so remember that for me this refers to

Pain site vs. pain source

Pain site vs. pain source

post-rehab training or simply reducing injury risk in healthy athletes. With that said, I find it interesting and beneficial to know information specifically dealing with the physical therapy field, provided its from a quality source. One of these topics is the idea of treating an injury by looking at the pain site or the pain source. Basically treatment based on the pain site is treating the symptoms; essentially a bandaid solution. Treatment based on pain source on the other hand looks at the cause of the pain and treats that. For my line of work, basically switch the word “pain” for “areas of concern realized from an assessment” — for instance, during an overhead squat test, the individual’s knee cave in. Treating the pain site would be like saying “okay we then have to strengthen the knee”. Treatment of the pain source would be finding out what is causing that dysfunction to be present at the knee — is it something at the hip?? at the ankle?? etc.

4. Just because its Friday and just because I like comedy, enjoy the video of “John Madden” on Letterman

Happy Friday!!



2 Responses to ““Random Thought” Fridays: November 21”

  1. great insight at #3 Chris… most doctors, trainers and surgeons very rarely look at the etiology of pain issues.

    Have you ever seen Paul Chek’s Totem Pole? It’s a great illustration of how your body defers pain to “slave” areas to save “master” areas. Google it, cool stuff!


  2. hey, it’s been over a week! Classes for you should be done… where’s another post! I’m waiting impatiently ;).

    I finish up two finals on Tuesday. Can’t wait! But sometime tomorrow I’ve got to write a final paper. Should have started that weeks ago :(.

    From a physical therapy standpoint, I see to many therapists slapping on estim to cover pain. Our clinic really supports and pushes this. I like estim when it helps the patient to perform strengthening so the pain will decrease or when it promotes a break in the movement pattern causing the pain. I hate when it’s used to mask pain- which all too often that is what it’s used for.
    Overall, not a huge fan of estim for therapy (for pain, neuro re-ed, or muscular re-ed or strengthening).

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