The Future of Sports: The Gene Lottery

December 1, 2008

Is GATTACA coming true?!

Is GATTACA coming true?!

Late post today…here’s an article I heard about yesterday talking about testing kids for a gene that determines the types of sports they will have the most chance for success in (strength/power sports or endurance sports) when they grow up.

Here’s the link: Born to Run? Little ones get Test for Sports Gene

Here’s my take on the gene manipulation thing:

  • Whats wrong with letting a child try a bunch of sports, find one they really enjoy, and when they are old enough they can begin towards specialization in that sport if thats what they really want??
  • Second, what good can come from the results?? If a sport the child enjoys doesn’t agree with their test result, then they will be discouraged from pursuing that sport? Parents can decide to raise their child to enjoy and participate in sports or steer them into some other activity (ie. music, etc) if they don’t have a good level of this “sport” gene?
  • Whats more important, the child play a sport they enjoy or one they are genetically matched for??

As you can tell, I’m skeptical about such a test having a positive impact on sporting culture and child/athletic development. Do we really have to know everything??

I’m very interested to hear your thoughts!!

Happy Monday!



4 Responses to “The Future of Sports: The Gene Lottery”

  1. That’s one of my favorite movies! I even still own it on VHS. I’m not a fan of gene manipulation or the more extreme picking genes before birth. Even to pick between boy/girl babies for invitro fertilization.

    I think testing for the gene is actually more limiting to the child than not knowing. Same is in that movie, the potential for acheivment is based on genetics and not willpower. Well the person with the most inherited potential can still be the dumbest person in the world if they don’t apply themself. Motivation and application are much better indicators of success than some random gene.

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Agreed, thats another great point!! Genetics only count for so much, which becomes less of a factor especially at the truely elite levels of sport.

  3. Great post… and i like your blog.

    Perhaps I am a fool, but what ever happend to just paying attention to your children so that you can discover their strengths and weaknesses… simliar to what many european countries do.

    Also, everyone thinks their kid is gonna be the next BIG THING… perhaps your kid is designed to be a GREAT accountant or a freakin tire salesman! The world needs good Tires Salesmen too!!!

    I think this is BS! But then again, MY kid is gonna be an Olympic Gymnast ;)

  4. powersports360 Says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

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