Friday’s Random Thoughts Dec 5/08

December 5, 2008

1. Earlier this week I wrote about the dangers of sport specific exercise. Here’s something that is also a common assumption of sport specific training: Should rotational exercises be done with the same speed and explosiveness as they are in competition?? First off, if we’re teaching and developing technical skill of an exercise then no. Obviously here we have to slow down the movement to ensure proper performance; remember, we have to walk before we can run. Also there are other things we need to consider before increasing the speed: does the pattern cause any pain/does the pattern aggravate pain somewhere, etc.

That said, we also have to look at the type of exercise. Am I going to recommend ballistic cable woodchops?? Probably not, the risk/benefit ratio just doesn’t work out. Here’s where we can get into some med balls throws though, which can be done explosively and are safe.

Doing rotational exercises at game speeds is simply a matter of going through the rotational pattern progression. Walk before Run.

2. On Wednesday I had my intro level athletic therapy class practical exam. Studying for it was actually very educational I thought. We did the exam in pairs, so my friend and I went to study/practice with a friend who is an athletic trainer here at Brock. It was actually a really good, but brief refresher on functional anatomy, and made me really prepared for the exam.

3. I’ve written a number of times on the importance of glute activation. Here are a couple new videos by strength coach Nick Tuminello that show some interesting variations to an old classic activation exercise, the birddog.

That’s it for today. Enjoy your weekend!!



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