There’s only so much time to train!!

December 10, 2008

A couple days ago strength coach Mike Boyle posted an article on his website ( basically summarizing his approach to program design. Out of everything in the article, one factor he wrote about really caught my attention as between the articles on and from any of the guys at Cressey Performance I’ve seen it quite a bit lately. The factor: work density.

The reason this is an important factor is because as strength coaches/trainers, we have quite a list of things we need to get done with a client or athlete to maximize results, and unfortunately, a very limited amount of time per week to address everything. The solution becomes we simply need to make better use of our time; instead of standing around between sets, put in a core or mobility exercise, for example.

Now this post isn’t simply about me regurgitating what I have read/learned. Why this factor stuck out to me was not because of the actual content (although I did learn from it). It stuck out to me because I know I could do better in this aspect — a lot better. In the summer at SST, my workouts consumed about 50 minutes from warmup to cool down. Since I’ve been back at the school gym here, my workouts have gone to about an hour and a half minimum. Being a commercial type gym, it makes it difficult to superset exercises if I need equipment, especially if its across the room, but even still, this article made me realize that even with supersetting, there was more I could do with my time. Which in the end would mean that I could get more done per given length of time. Win-Win.

So needless to say, I will be thinking about my program design as it is now, and see how I can use my time in the gym as productively as I can, while not impairing the effectiveness of the session.

Since this has made me re-think my time management as it relates to program design, I pose the same question to you: If you don’t have much time to train, are you still getting in everything you need to get great results??

Happy Wednesday!!



One Response to “There’s only so much time to train!!”

  1. I’ve been using a version of Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training with my strongman lifts as of late with awesome results… the mental toughness is killer too!


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