Random Thought Fridays: Last Day of 1st Semester!!

December 12, 2008

1. I just had my last exam for this semester at 2 today. It went well (as all my exams seemed to go for the most part), so needless to say I am in a pretty good mood right now. Ah, good moods…

2. A few fitness related things that I used during the past couple weeks as study breaks while prepping for exams:

  • Mike Boyle’s Joint by Joint Approach to Training presentation…I have it as part of Brian Grasso’s Complete Athlete Development package. Other than the obvious stuff about how great the DVD/lecture was, I have to say that watching this video gave me a glimpse of where I want to be in 20 years. Before seeing this presentation, I had read Mike’s article on T-Nation and thought here’s another coach who thinks critically. After seeing the presentation, all I could think of was a) this guy really understands training and b) I want to be a public speaker on fitness…I just love his presentation style; he makes complex concepts sound simple and easy to grasp: in my opinion this is a trait of all great teachers. 
  • The Fitcast. I first really started enjoying the Fitcast because the man who runs the show, Kevin Larrabee is only a year only than me and has done a great job of networking with the who’s-who of the fitness industry. As I continued listening, I realized the content was always top-notch, and you could tell Kevin was developing as a strength coach. Plus its just plain entertaining to listen to, I always end up laughing.

3. This has been in my mind more and more the past few weeks, since I wrote about put power exercises back into my training. Basically, training should be built around specific goals instead of just trying to get better at everything. My problem the last several months before I realized this was that I was trying to get bigger while getting stronger on every single one of my lifts. Unless you’re a beginner to proper training, this will not work for any appreciable length of time which means your gains won’t be appreciable. Right now, my goal is simply to get stronger. Yes I realize thats still vague…I still need to figure out whats really important to me strength-wise and make my goal more specific then.

As always I encourage you to share your thoughts on anything I’ve presented above :)

Anyways thats all for this week. I’ll be happy to get back home and catch up with everyone and enjoy some holiday cookin!! Until next time everyone, have a great weekend!!



3 Responses to “Random Thought Fridays: Last Day of 1st Semester!!”

  1. I lost the link and forgot all about fitcast when my puter died three months ago. Thanks! I just added it :).

    I think just knowing what your goal is, getting stronger, is a step way ahead of most people. I’m still trying to maintain mass, gain a bit of overall strength (prety weak over here) while hoping to loose a few pounds of non lean mass. I know I’ll end up loosing a little lean mass, but hopefully very little. I’d like to keep it!

    I’m always curious… post your routine???

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Glad I could help with that :)

    I think I will post it now that you mention it. Good idea!

    With the goal setting, I think bringing that skill up (particularly the
    specificity of goals I make) is more an issue of if I help other people set goals when I start training them, I should be practicing what I preach. I guess the other thing I’m kinda playing with is how specific is specific enough.

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