What I’m Reading

December 22, 2008

Since I’m home from school during the holiday break, I have an opporunity to get a substantial amount of book reading since I don’t have school texts and research papers to read. Reading books also gives me an opportunity to stop looking at a computer screen where I end up doing the vast majority of my continuing education in fitness.

This break I have two books to get through over these three weeks. Ironically they do not have to do with fitness directly, they’re more business-related.

The books are (drumroll please) ;

1. Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini  

This is a business audience targeted book that talks about selling. A natural fit since selling and marketing are such a big part of component of the fitnes industry.

2. Buying In by Rob Walker

This book is again essentially about the psychology behind people’s consumer habits. 

So I’ve told you what I’m reading currently, now I want to reciprocate:

What have you been reading lately??

Happy Monday!



2 Responses to “What I’m Reading”

  1. Elliott Says:

    Chris – i just droped a few bills on amazon for the following:

    Purple Cow – seth godin
    Tribes – seth godin
    How To Get Rich – felix dennis
    All Marketers Are Liars – seth godin

    yea, im on a seth godin trip right now… just after my dan kennedy trip followed by my brian tracey trip. all great stuff.

    keep rocking!

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    I was going to say…

    How are Dan Kennedy and Brian Tracy?? I started getting Dan’s newsletter a couple of months ago and it has probably become one of my favourite ones to read.

    Anyways, take it easy Elliott!

    PS – how was the XMas Keg Party??

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