A Time to Break the Rules

December 24, 2008

Training two days in a row: ” check”
Full body sessions each day: “check”
Have I lost it and become a hypocrite: “Possibly” (the hypocrite part is more personal opinion anyway)

I guess the main point I want to get out in this post is just that there are times when breaking some rules are acceptable.

Basically with gyms being closed for the next couple days, training two days in a row will keep me and my training partner on schedule. Plus with gyms being closed there is the opportunity to recover from something that your body might normally find entirely distressful.

Back to the session, it actually felt good and productive, which was surprising to me. I felt yesterday’s was a tough session and that might impact today’s session. The only thing I noticed any decrease in from yesterday was when doing hang cleans today, my CNS was fatigued. First reps were pretty good, but the second, third, and fourth reps definitely didn’t have the same power output as the first rep.

Also, a couple months ago I blogged about my goal of reaching 165 pounds by Dec 31st. Weighing in at the gym today, 162 lbs. Which is exactly where I want to be with Christmas dinner around the corner! (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm :) )

Anyways, I got to run with family coming over so to everyone celebrating Christmas — Merry Christmas to you and your family!!



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