Qualities of a Good Training Partner

December 29, 2008

Need a motivating training partner??

Need a motivating training partner??

Being on winter break and not having to deal with final exams has meant that the past couple weeks have been far more stress-free than the beginning of the month. With less stress everything has been more enjoyable obviously as a result.

Relating back to my own training, the break and my current program has allowed me to:

a) let my body recover enough to realize gains from my training (more on this later in the week)

and b) learn from my training (I talk about learning a lot…I know I’m a nerd…)

What I learned from training with my buddy was the benefit of training with someone stronger than you (if your goal is strength). Now, I’ve read this before but I never really fully believed it. What I DID believe was that as someone in the fitness industry, I should be motivated to challenge myself regardless of my training partner; whether they were bigger, stronger, smaller, or faster.

Training with my friend made me realize that I have pushed myself more than I did when I wasn’t training with him because I wanted to keep up (or be better :) ). Right now with my goal being to really focus on strength, I hope I will be able to continue pushing myself like this when I get back to school. Not only has it been pretty cool to set a lot of PR’s but it also made training a lot more fun as we were motivating each other since my friend didn’t want to look weaker than me!

I’d love to hear your stories with training partners — has someone been more motivating to you?? Or what do you prefer in a training partner??

No more long breaks for a while — I’ll have another piece tomorrow!!



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