2008 was pretty awesome!!

December 31, 2008

With 2008 going out of style in a little under 12 hours, its the perfect time for one of those oh-so-typical new years posts.

2008 was better than I could’ve envisioned at this time a year ago (which has seemed to be the trend for the last few years for me at least). Over the past year, some very exciting things have happened:

– Getting a personal training cert with an internationally recognized organization (the NSCA)

-Getting to work at SST over the summer! While I was there I had great bosses and co-workers to learn from and help me accomplish my goals I had set out for myself! I beleive this past summer, I learned more than in all my years of university put together. I was also placed in situations outside my comfort which forced me to adapt and grow — and they accelerated my development greatly. I really can’t say enough good things about last summer at SST!

– Changes in mindset. I don’t know when these happened but about three quarters of the way through the year I noticed some chnages in my mindset. One was with regards to money — a) my idea of “a lot of money” changed and b) I realized it is just a thing, without an emotional component.

Another change in mindset stemmed from the advice many successful fitness experts/entrepreneurs give: Successful people view spending money on advancing their careers as investments in themselves and realize the investment will pay for itself when the information is applied. Up until the later part of this year, I just thought spending money was spending money — I couldnt see how the payment would return to me multiple-fold. For some reason, this changed…being in school and not running my own business or anything, I’m not sure why it changed, but it did. Unfortunately I don’t have a better explanation.

– Accomplishing my muscle gaining goal. At the beginning of October I made a goal to reach 165 lbs by the end of this year. At the time my diet wasn’t spot on and I was fluctuating between 153-155. I told pretty much everyone I knew in order to have some accountability…especially since I’m a trainer. Anyways, I weighed myself a few days ago (Dec 27th) and was at 166, so goal accomplished! It was the first time I used this sort (or any sort) of strategy for accomplishing goals, and I feel that by being specific about my goal and telling everyone it gave me a clear and reasonable target to hit.         

– Starting a blog. This was some great advice given to me by Pat while at SST. Basically its given me an opportunity to practice my writing without worry of censorship. On top of that it has allowed me to put my thoughts down concretely which has made me think critically about what I have learned. Finally it has lead me to meet some great people through the comments which I wouldn’t have been able to interact with otherwise.

As I have said before, the discussion stemming from comments makes blogging far more enjoyable :)

What have you really enjoyed about 2008??

Thats all for today…enjoy ringing in the new year!!


So long 2008

So long 2008


One Response to “2008 was pretty awesome!!”

  1. That’s it, I’m going to censor you ;). Hehe.

    Congrats on hitting your muscle gaining goal!!! That’s awesome! I wish I had a partner that would challenge me. Unfortunately my running partner (20 years my senior but could outrun me anyday) hurt her hip and can’t run for who knows how long. But I’d really like a lifting partner. We’ll see if my husband will keep up :).

    I think your blog is awesome and I’m glad they told you to start one. It’s very informative in a fun way. You’re not a stuffy author!

    Hope your new year had started out well!

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