Chirs Brown’s Training Program (me, NOT the R&B guy)

January 13, 2009

Like I promised yesterday, I’ll be posting my new training plan:

Upper Body day 1 –

A1. Overhead MB throw w/ crow hop 3×8

A2. Hp flexor stretch 3x30s

A3. Ab Wheel rollouts 3×10 adding 2 reps/wk

B1. Bench Press 5x(2×2)

B2. DB bent over row 4×6-8

C1. Chop 3×8

C2. Lat pulldown iso hold 3×6-8 w/ 2sec hold at bottom

Lower Body Day 2 –

A1. Half-Kneel Rotational Medball throw 3×8

A2. Hip rockbacks 3×10

A3. Single-leg deadlift with overhead medball reach 3×8

B1. Hang Cleans 5×3

C1. Rack Pulls 5x(2×2)

D1. Bulgarian Split Squat w/ front squat grip 3×6-8

D2. 1-leg side plank 3x10sec adding 2 secs per hold/wk

Upper Body day 3 –

A1. Medball Chest throw 3×8

A2. Hip Rotator Stretch 3x30s

A3. seated T-spine rotations 3×10

B1. Pullups 5x(2×2)

C1. Alt. DB Shoulder Press 4×6-8

D1. 1-arm front plank 3x30sec (10 sec holds) adding 10 total secs per set/wk

D2. DB I’s & T’s 3×8

Lower Body day 4 –

A1. Half-Kneel Rotational medball throw 3×8

A2. Wall Pec Stretch 3x30s

A3. Fwd & bwd hip circles 3×8

B1. DB swings 3×8

C1. Lying leg curls 3×6-8

C2. DB Reverse Lunge 3×8-10

C3. Lift 3×8

C4. SLDL w/ overhead medball reach*

*This last quad set might have to be broken up into 2 supersets.

So thats whats up with my training right now. The main thing I really testing out is the organization thing. From reading a lot of Coach Mike Boyle’s stuff at mainly, I just wanted to give it a try. Now, normal training dogma is don’t static stretch before your workout (and obviously during) because of reduced power output and desensitization of the intramuscular sensory systems, so one thing I’m trying here is basically have stretches for say upper body parts (eg. pecs) on the lower body day. Besides what I just explained, it allows for more productive use of “rest” time from the “main” exercises.

I guess I’ll leave my explanations at that. If you have any comments or questions about anything I’m doing, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!!


My best friend today after those Iso-holds

My best friend today after those Iso-holds


2 Responses to “Chirs Brown’s Training Program (me, NOT the R&B guy)”

  1. PT Says:

    Whats your end game CB? Strength, size, other?

    No squats?!

    My comment, is to put the lower body before the upper body work outs. And day 1 one as the last day of the week.

    Also could you tell me about your notation “5x (2×2)”

  2. Chris Brown Says:


    I’m weary of squats due to my history of back pain. I’ve been workin on hip mobility in this program and my glute function has been coming around, but I’m still not sure of the risk/reward. I’m a lot bigger fan of deadlifts and then getting hip/knee range of motion via split squats/lunges, etc.

    Ya, thats something I fooled around with in the summer, and am still thinkin over. My next phase is starting next week, so I’ll make the change for that.

    “5 x (2×2)” is 5 sets of 2 clusters of 2 reps…so each set is 2 reps, rack bar for 15 secs, then get 2 more. The idea being get 4 total reps with a weight I could only get 3 reps with in a traditional set. Thats just me playing around with some stuff, and so far thats been working pretty effectively.

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