Its a Cruel World Outside of the Gym

January 29, 2009

This week has been light for blogging, but here’s a post for today!!

A lot of things can go on outside of the gym to compromise results!

A lot of things can go on outside of the gym to compromise results!

Once you go home from the gym for the day, life can get in the way of results. Specifically geared towards training athletes, we can see two distinct issues, although the first one can be generalizable to any population.

1. The 23-to-1 Rule.
The norm is that we get athletes in the gym for between 1-2 hours a day 4 days a week, which brings up an interesting issue: they have a ton of time to compromise the efforts in the gym! To say it a little differently, we can have them work on core stability, moving at their hips instead of the lower backs, teach them proper running mechanics, etc, then with all the time they are out of the gym there are many opportunities to take steps backwards.

This is basically called the 23-to-1 Rule. The gist of the rule is that we can help an athlete out 1 hour per day, but they have 23 hours of the day to practice bad habits (eg. sitting for long periods of time).

Needless to say its fairly evident how reforming habits becomes a sort of uphill battle, which means that it can have an impact on how quickly or how well an athlete sees the adaptations that we are trying to get.

2. Another big issue is fatigue.
When the body gets fatigued, movement gets sloppy. This isn’t a huge concern in the gym unless someones doing 50 rep squats or the like, but on the sports field/court/ice this is a concern. This is part of the objective behind conditioning. An example here is that once an athlete can perform fundamental agility skills properly (deceleration, acceleration, change of direction) we need to train the athlete to be able to perform these skills properly when they are tired (ie. in the fourth quarter). Failure to do so results in the increased risk of injury, which when combined with other factors (such as being a female athlete) doesn’t paint a very rosy picture.

Type foruth quarter injuries into a google search...not pretty!!

Type "fourth quarter injuries" into a google search...not pretty!!

The thing to be aware of is that we can fix a lot of things in the gym, but there’s still many opportunities to jeopardize all that effort once you leave.

As a strength coach, I have to plan for these things to make an effective program, so that progress is continually made and that injury risk is actually reduced.

Good to be back!!



4 Responses to “Its a Cruel World Outside of the Gym”

  1. I’m afraid to type in fourth quarter injuries! I think you’re absolutely right about that 23-1 rule. I think it applies to most all of us as well.

    Any suggestions to stay active while studying? I’ve actually contemplated one of those restorator’s. (pedals without the bike they sell in geriatric magazines). I feel like I’m sitting and sitting and my butt is getting wider and wider…

    Every fifteen I do stop and do a few push ups. But, that’s not the best option either I’m sure.

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Sounds like you already have some good ideas + at least you’re doing something with the pushups, so you’re ahead of most ppl there!

    You pretty much hit on the two options >> taking a quick break or doing something while studying. There’s always the option of taking a lil longer study break and going for a walk or something (you have some equipment there so it could be some quick KB swings, etc), but then again with only 1-2 hours of free time, I bet you really don’t have time for many study breaks…

    Hope that answers your question :)

  3. No not much time for study breaks (though I’m taking one now, but I need to get my blog fix!).

    I suppose I’ll stick to the push-ups every fifteen. Except tonight. I’m so not doing pushups after tonights routine! I’m really enjoying the high pulls and feel that they’re improving my push up ability- having to pull the ball in then push it out to swing it down is really a killer move. Especially with the heavier KB.

  4. Chris Brown Says:

    You’re gonna be great at pushups in no time then!!

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