Sport Specific Training taken Too Far AGAIN!!!

February 2, 2009

So check this out>>

All I can say is WOW!!!!! Thats all a player needs to get that scholarship to UNC: they need to be able to throw a harder bounce pass or be stronger in their arms so they can dribble harder into the floor! What?!

Gotta love that concept of sport-specific training being taken so literally!! Who needs basic strength exercises to get better when they can just practice sport skills with resistance?! Unless you are an olympic weightlifter, powerlifter, strongman competitor, highland games competitor, etc, strength training is used as GENERAL preparation for competition.

Specific Preparation (ie. sport skills) should be practiced and refined in sport practices, not in the weightroom.

Since that was just a brilliant example of what not to do, here’s something which is actually helpful:

Kevin Larrabee, who is the man behind the Fitcast, has made a Fitcast youtube page with many excellent exercise demonstrations complete with the main cues. If you want to know if you’re doing exercises properly on your own definitely check them out, they are some of the best I’ve seen on Youtube!! (apparently)

CHECK IT OUT HERE>> Fitcast Youtube page

Anyways, thanks for listening to this Monday rant of mine :P Also if you guys know of other good youtube exercise videos that you already use, I’d love to hear em! Happy Bench Press Monday!!!!!!! :P



3 Responses to “Sport Specific Training taken Too Far AGAIN!!!”

  1. ladlam Says:

    Haha! Seems to me that most of those “sports specific” exercises can be done with one of those many-in-1 home gym setups, but apparently because it has a ball attached instead of a bar, it suddenly becomes better?
    Love your blog Chris, keep it coming!

  2. WOW! that’s some pretty stupid stuff!! my wife, who has never lifted a barbell in her life just looked over my shoulder and laughed at the geek trying to get stronger with the oversized yo-yo. haha!

  3. Chris Brown Says:

    Glad you guys got a kick out of this too! At first I couldn’t tell if it was a serious product or just a spoof. They had the website address in the infobox on the youtube page, so I clicked and got my answer. It said these things sell for like $500!!!

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