Things I can Learn from my Barber

February 9, 2009

Bear with me for a moment and you’ll see what I mean:

In several posts I’ve made about my development as I strength coach, I’ve mentioned my interpersonal skills as an area that I am constantly working on so that I can be a successful coach and accomplish all of my professional goals. Just being better at opening up to people and developing relationships, that sorta thing.

Anyways this morning I was getting a haircut, and fortunately I got the “good barber” at the place in the mall. He’s actually my favourite guy there, and its not just because he gives good haircuts. Its because he talks to his customer. I’m not saying that to sound like I’m a lonely guy (I’m not, seriously!! :P), but I do enjoy talking to other people and hearing their stories.

What I take away from talking to my barber is that he asks some questions to get to know his customer: for me this was “are you in school or working?”, “oh your in school, do you go to Brock?”, and “so what are you taking at Brock?”

Basically from these questions, we started talked about weight training, which lead to a discussion on steroid use so taht was pretty cool. The thing I always pick up on is that he makes the effort to get to know something about you, like he wants to hear one of your stories too, and it just makes it a much more enjoyable time than sitting in a chair watching someone attack your thick wavy golden locks (lol) with some scissors.

When I interact with a salesperson or a employee of some business, and they don’t do this, it really stands out to me. I don’t want to do business with people that aren’t interested in their customers! Funny thing is, I see this with several trainers at the Brock gym, and thats where it really bothers me because if you’re a trainer, you’re in the people business! You better look and act like you like people!

And something I’ve always lived by is that the customer doesn’t care if you’re tired, having a bad day, etc…they might be having a bad day too, they always expect you to be at your best. Sometimes I would have to remind myself of this before training a group of athletes or a personal training client (since I am human after all :P), but I would always notice (especially with the groups of athletes) that once I started training them, I would forget about whatever was bothering me. Good times…

So moral of the story, if you’re in St Catharines, Ontario and you just so happen to need a haircut, go to the Barbers Chair in the Pen Centre and ask for Rick to cut your hair.
(Ah, word of mouth marketing at its finest!)

Happy Monday guys!!


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  1. thnc dude ;) U know for what…thnx for watching

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