Back from Boyle’s winter seminar ’09

February 16, 2009

So the weekend in Boston was GREAT!!!!!!!! Between the presentations, networking, and seeing how Coach Boyle’s gym functions, it was a very educational experience. As you might have guessed, it has given me a ton of blog content, and yesterday as I was busing back to Toronto from the Buffalo airport I had a lot of timeto think of what I would write about. Today all I’m going to do is a recap of the seminar presentations on Saturday and my impressions of the gym.

Presentation recap:

1. Brijesh Patel (Head S&C coach at Quinnipiac) – Strength & Conditioning for basketball

  • Basketball players are a different breed of athlete which presents unique challenges to creating an effective training program.
  • Mobility, stability, and work capacity are the initial priorities
  • Speed and agility – teach shin angles
  • At Quinnipiac, they don’t do cleans so that the players’ shoulders dont get beat up

2. John Pallof – femoracetabular impingement and sports hernia

  • John’s a physical therapist so his presentation was on the clinical side of assessing and training with FAI and sports hernia
  • FAI is a bony issue – training cant fix it
  • Sports hernia is a general term for high adductor/groin soft tissue issues
  • This was very educational in that I dont have much experience at all with the physical therapy side of things
  • This was good to see for me as a strength coach so that I know when to refer out to a PT, AT, chiro, etc

3. Chris Nowinski – Implications of concussions on the brain

  • Chris a former College football player and WWE wrestler discussed the impact of repeat concussions on brian/mental health.
  • This presentation was eye-opening!
  • The VAST majority of athletes don’t know the symptoms of concussions, therefore they are VASTLY under-estimated and under-reported.
  • This would be an invaluable talk for anyone coach, parent, or athlete to hear
  • I think it would be especially important for the young athlete and their parents

4. Mike Robertson – Rehabbing Back Pain

  • Mike is known as a corrective exercise guy, and for good reason — he has great systems in place to get someone from post-injury back to normal function
  • Core strength endurance is of primary importance for people immediately post-injury
  • Dont skip steps (this is something I’m at fault for)
  • More on the last point, I’ve had pieces from each of Mike’s 4 phases in the same phase of my program — not optimal!

5. Eric Cressey – Taking a baseball player from assessment to opening day

  • This was the talk I was waiting for!
  • Eric is insanely smart about the body let alone the shoulder…his level of knowledge is what I strive for.
  • Get a goniometer and use it to assess joint range of motion at the shoulders, knees, hips, and elbow and then compare the measurements from each side
  • With a baseball player, perfect symmetry isn’t possible

6. Mike Boyle – Training hockey players

  • This was both educational and entertaining as the first half hour, Mike was ranting on the state of youth training, the state of training for hockey in canada, the us, and europe, and how training doesn’t really change all that much for athletes in different sports
  • Not much to say about Mike’s presentation other than it seems like when he talks, I can magically learn by osmosis!
  • I learn as much about public speaking and presenting from Mike’s talks as I do about training.

So there’s my recap. I’m definitely going to go again next year, and hopefully be able to stop in and see some other facilities in the area (like Eric’s). I enjoyed meeting people there and beginning to do some face-to-face networking! Anyways thats all for today, over the course of the week, I’ll be blogging about my thoughts from each presentation in more depth.

Good to be back!



5 Responses to “Back from Boyle’s winter seminar ’09”

  1. BM Says:

    sounds like a good time bro, looking forward to hearing more details about the presentations, and i want in next year

  2. That’s a really fantastic seminar you went to the other week. I know of some of the speakers you discussed in this post too. I remember Chris Nowinski specifically because he was the 1st WWE wrestler with a Harvard education. He was really good too, but if it weren’t for the last injury he received from 6 years ago. I think that it’s good to have someone of his caliper relay the experiences he had being an athelete to those of us who want to condition ourselves to our personal physical goals. It’s a definite inspiration.

  3. lee Says:

    sounds like an awesome conference. did you do anything on power plate training with athletes and how to use it for rehab and stuff? i just started using it with some clients at Roland Semprie Rosedale and it’s getting amazing results — improvements in strength, flexibility, power, and agility.

  4. Chris Brown Says:

    Lee – none of the presentations were on power plate training.
    Is it like the vibration platform stuff??

  5. Chris Brown Says:

    FitnessR- Thanks for your comment!! Ya Chris made a ton of interesting points, I think I’m going to blog more about what he’s doing to raise awareness for sports concussions tomorrow. One thing that was really interesting was he said he never looks at hard football tackles (where a guy gets knocked out) the same as he did when he was playing.

    BM- haha going by initials now eh. Sweet, I’m so going again — it was THAT good.

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