“Strength training will tighten me up”: Myth BUSTED

February 17, 2009

Hey guys, I’ve decided to push back the post on Chris Nowinski’s presentation to tomorrow since there was something I read while going through the blogs I normally read which Eric Cressey also mentioned in his presentation on baseball players.

Being in a proper strength & conditioning program keeps an athlete mobile as they gain size, strength, and power!

Being in a proper strength & conditioning program keeps an athlete mobile as they gain size, strength, and power!

What was it that changed my blogging plans??

The MYTH that strength training will “tighten an athlete up”!

Eric stated that this is one of the biggest battles a trainer will fight with a baseball player/coach, although this thinking isn’t obviously just limited to baseball players.

Now this doesn’t mean that strength training won’t tighten you up — if an athlete already has mobility deficits and lifting weights is the only intervention used, sure mobility/flexibility won’t be addressed. Especially if a uneducated beach muscle routine is used, the lack of flexibility and mobility will only be reinforced by the strength training program.

Here’s why its a myth that strength training will tighten an athlete (or anyone) up: A quality strength training program worth your money includes more than lifting weights! We work on mobility, flexibility, motor control/muscle activation, movement skills/agility/speed in addition to lifting weights! The result being that yes an athlete adds muscle mass and/or gets stronger and more powerful, but at the same time we make sure they can still move and play sports.

Often athletes who haven’t been to a gym like SST will have never done any sort of dedicated mobility work before, so they end up moving BETTER than when they came in on their first day.

If you now use mobility and flexibility drills in your training (athlete or not), did you notice a difference in how tight you felt after being on the program for a while vs. when you weren’t doing those things regularly?? — please leave your comments below

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!!



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