Tip of the Week: Learn something during your warm-ups!

March 20, 2009

I like these tips of the week since I write more to give practical info than just ramble about some abstract thing that I’ve learned which I believe will make me a better coach and trainer!

So today’s tip…what the heck could I be implying?? Am I recommending doing your homework or reading while you warm-up?? You be happy to know, No!

My exceptionally bad humour aside, the title actually presents a legit point.

Think about when you’re done warming up and getting into your strength and power exercises, like most athletes (especially males) you want to lift as much weight as you can (at least using more weight over the previous week)! The thing is when we’re coaching a new lift or movement pattern that the athlete might not be skilled at yet, we run into a battle between the athlete wanting to lift more weight and the coach wanting the athlete to focus less on weight and more on technique. Here comes the learning in the warm-up idea, which is an idea I picked up from Coach Mike Boyle.

In a warm-up, no one cares about lifting a lot of weight, so let’s take advantage of that! If you’re just learning how to properly squat, deadlift, O-lift, any very technical lift really…try working on it in the warm-up so that you really can focus on technique without worrying about looking like a sissy since you won’t be in the squat rack!

Then once you have the basic technique down, we can move the lift into the actual strength or power portion of the training session and then worry about adding weight to the bar each week without worrying about compromising technique and safety.

This is also for all you non-athletes who get a case of The Ego in the gym when you’re just learning an exercise!

Have a great weekend everyone!



3 Responses to “Tip of the Week: Learn something during your warm-ups!”

  1. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about what other people think when I workout. I’d sure get some odd looks anyway with my attire… My issue is skipping the warm up. I just sometimes (okay, almost always) just jump right into my routine without a warm up. I nearly always cool down though… halfway there, right? I think with proper technique though, even if lower weights are used at the start, in the end, the weight lifted will be so much greater (and chance of injury so much less). Form is definitely important!

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Ha! The “warm-up area” at my school gym is off the side of the indoor running track so between runners and other people stretching & doing “core work” I often wonder if they’re questioning my knowledge of exercise by some of the stuff I do…the dynamic warm-up stuff would def be a tough sell for ppl training in normal gyms and fitness centres, especially if theres not a kind of secluded warm-up/stretching area.

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