Its been an odd week and a new soccer training article

March 26, 2009

School papers and presentations aren’t  that out of the ordinary for oh, since the last week of February, but training-wise, its been an interesting one!

First of all, my training has been more sporadic as of late due to the normal reasons at this time of the school year: fatigue from school, many late nights and early mornings working on assignmnets, and in line with that my sleep has been sh*t since turning the clocks ahead one hour! (Finally yesterday I woke up refreshed, so since yesterday I’ve felt so much better).

Anyways, this has meant that at most, I’ve been getting in 3 sessions a week at the gym, even though I have a 4-day per week program — I’ve just basically adapted it to a 4 sessions per 8-9 days during this time.

Monday was lower body day 1 and hang cleans. I attempted 140 for sets of 3 since the last time I did the workout, I smoked 135 for all 4 sets of 3. Long story short, 140 felt like a ton of bricks! So after 2 sets of struggling to get 3 reps, I dropped the weight down to 135, smoked that first set at 135, but struggled with the last one. I follow the cleans up with deadlifts and went up in weight for these, but keeping form definitely was more difficult this week.

On to yesterday, when I did my first upper body lift — which meant DB pressing — and I smoked 90lbs for 4 sets of 5 (plus one warmup set). Anyways this was a 10 lb increase from last week (b/c of 5 lb DB increases) and it felt really good and strong. It was just odd that my power was really affected by fatigue this week, and yet my strength was able to go up — even in the deads on Monday.

So thats been my training so far this week — how has yours been??


Also, just a quick note, I had one of my soccer training articles put up on the SST website today >> check it out HERE!


5 Responses to “Its been an odd week and a new soccer training article”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Glad to hear that you’ve been able to make it back to the gym!

    Today I trained shoulders. 2 exercises – A1 no back seated DB press (pronated) and B1 medial DB laterals. 8 sets of 8 with 30 seconds rest between sets. I took about 2 minutes between A1 and B2 and then finished off with some rotator cuff work and some T3 raises for the lower traps. It was a decent workout that I was glad to finish because, well, 8X8 is tough.

    But what I’m really suffering from is GVT legs on Tuesday. A1 was front squats 6 reps and A2 was kneeling ham curls 8 reps. My quads feel like they have been run through a blender.

    Good times indeed!

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Looking to add some muscle these days?? The high volume sessions are insane — I really think they’re more mentally tough than physically — especially after the first couple of weeks when you start fighting boredom/exercise ADD…

    With your own workouts, do you usually just alternate between accumulation & intensification phases??

  3. Patrick Says:

    Always looking to add some muscle! I agree with you about high volume being mentally tough – getting under the bar for set 6 I always seem to think “why am I doing this?” I would be inclined to say that there are times during the workout that I actually HATE what I’m doing.

    I don’t alternate between phases, I primarily stick with accumulation but alter methods. I like eating too much and find that lower volume leads to fat gain.


  4. BM Says:

    Chris man, come in and let’s do some O-lifting, yesterday i did Power Cleans, 1/minute for 60 mins. talk about exhausting

  5. Classes are hectic here as well. I’ve got to get back on track TONIGHT! My spring break ends officially at 9 am tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to going to school and work tomorrow…

    My workouts have been suffering as well. If I were on a four time a week program I’d have takena a full two weeks to get it done! But at least I did get out dancing again last night for a full four and a half hours! I just have too much fun when I go out. DD as usual ;).

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