The State of the Fitness Industry

April 3, 2009

Earlier this week on one of the fitness websites/blogs I read on a regular basis, there was a discussion on the possibility that in New Jersey a bill mgiht be passed that will make becoming a trainer a lot more difficult and costly. Needless to say many responses involved current trainers who had an issue about this since they already believed they have put forth their own effort to raise the level of professionalism of the fitness industry, and I pretty much agreed with them. One of the big issues with the proposed bill besides increasing the difficulty of entry into the industry was that the bill would also limit our scope of practice which I again disagreed with since I beleive training is more than just instructing resistance training exercises — we do mobility, flexibility, basic nutrition, etc.

Not actually living in Jersey, I know that eventually this would become a matter in Canada since as we all know “what happens in America affects Canada”. I could see it just cascading to Canada after some more state governments climbed on board with this bill.

Back to the bill. Then this morning I read this article about those worst-case scenarios where some trainers really do some damage to clients (often during the first session with them).

Here’s the link >> Is Working Out the Newest Health Threat?

After reading this and remembering some of the idiotic things some trainers have done out there, I can’t help but be for the licensing to regulate the industry. Just for the sake of people who might run into these stupidly preventable situations in the future. If we can prevent fools like this from entering the industry or at least making them better educated before they work with a client, then I definitely cannot be opposed to that!



2 Responses to “The State of the Fitness Industry”

  1. I’m all for a bit more education for persoanl trainers as well. I know there are trainers who have associates and bachelors degrees in exercise or related fields, but there are also so many trainers who have the weekend course. The scary thing is those with limited training and limited education. Some of them go on to be great trainers and do lots of independent education- but many don’t.

    To be a physical therapist assistant I am required a minimum of two years of college, education in anatomy, physiology, and pathology. And of course exercise, massage, and modalities. Yet, I am actually able to do less than a person who has a weekend personal trainer certificate. To me, that’s scary! And a bit frustrating :).

  2. Chris Brown Says:

    Thats definitely scary!

    How much longer do you have school for??

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