Time to join to real world…

May 6, 2009

Can I make this work as rugged and manly???

Can I make this work as "rugged and manly"???

Yup, another step into full-time workin’ adulthood and farther from my goin-back-to-school-every-September schoolboy(man) years. I’ve always written any articles and blogposts from home quite simply because a) there isn’t the likelihood of a client walking in that I have to coach and b) its quieter without the my-mother-didnt-love-me music playing in the background. What I’ve never really done is organized my writing ideas so what would happen is I would get an idea, and then lose it by the time I tried remembering it usually no more than half a day later, so I finally took the plunge and got one of those dry-erase boards.

Quite frankly my desk is always messy enough that writing the ideas on paper would have meant I would have forgotten the idea AND lost the paper, so for me the whiteboard makes a lot of sense since I’ll have my reminders in front of my face and easily accessible.

Now if anyone comments and calls me old…yup, you dont want to know what would happen!!

And on that note, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!



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