Whats been going on

July 18, 2009

Well, well, its been a while hasn’t it?!

To provide some background on my blogging hiatus,  I’ve essentially had to do some growing up since school ended. (As you might be able to guess, this post is going to get into one aspect of this, but you’ll have to wait in eager anticipation for that!)

After I finished school at the end of April, I began my job as the head strength coach for a new SST franchise that was opening up. As a fresh-out-of-university job, this was about as perfect an opportunity as one could hope for — you know, come right out of university and already be a head trainer somewhere — what kinesiology grad wouldn’t want such a job?!!

Shortly thereafter things began to pick up around June and with it “real life” hit me pretty hard smack dab right in the middle of the forehead.  With this dose of reality as both a head trainer and opening a gym, I found myself learning things which I did not expect to (sometimes it was things which I wouldn’t expect myself to need to learn). The learning curve was what it was though — for the most part, I never had a problem with losing myself in coaching like I used to in baseball, but there were definitely times where I questioned my ability to persevere or whether I was really cut out to be a head trainer at this point in my life.

Fortunately during these last couple months, I’ve had the support of my bosses, my family, and the man who I consider a mentor of mine, Pat.

Soliloquy aside, I want to discuss preparation in my first post-university transformation blog post.

Why preparation?? About a month back I was feeling overwhelmed with my work and I began to realize one big thing:  that I pretty much coasted through high school and university! I didn’t know why I didn’t realize this during my time in school at all, but when I mentioned this to my father, he replied with “I know.” I also guess my father knew this time would come when I’d learn this lesson the hard way…

What I hadn’t seen before was all the behind the scenes work that needs to get done in a management position (head trainer included). What this has meant is that I’ve had to work on changing my mindset from that of a low level employee to a manager. Considering I realized I coasted through school, this was a little bit of a shock to me — I’ve never had to worry about time management before or managing and training other employees. My days felt like they had 30 hours of work to accomplish!! As the days passed though, I’ve managed to learn to attack each day with a plan and prioritize what I need to get done. Unfortunately it took a tough life lesson to learn the truth behind the saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, and the last couple weeks have began to feel easier to handle and more stress-free.

This is just a little of the growing up I’ve done that I’ve alluded to, but I believe it was the biggest part.