2 Weeks of Change

October 6, 2009

2 weeks ago my coworker and mentor Pat called me out on my lack of blogging. I didn’t think much of it when he asked me where my posts have gone, but that night I realized I had fallen back into the trap of slacking off. Just a couple weeks earlier I got a wake up call at work that I NEEDED to start managing my time better and just be more organized and prepared. That night I went home and started implementing things that would get me moving in the right direction (which fortunately I’ve been able to keep up). After a couple weeks though, I had found all this extra time by being more prepared for my job which I did nothing with, and it was this little question about blogging which made me realize this.

The very next day is when I started back up with these “regular” blog posts.

I’ve been reading about how if you want to achieve your goals and dreams, you need to take action…which, because I’m a normal human being, is a lot tougher than to not take action. However what I’ve found is over the past couple weeks, I’ve started to get some momentum in this area and have changed my mindset about taking action/not taking action.

Every day, I ask myself these two questions now:

1) What have you done to get 1% better today? (as a coach, person, trainer — any area of my life really)

2) What have you done to get 1% closer to your goals? (again, this can apply to any area of my life)

To go along with these questions when I read things about training, business, personal development, etc, I have started to think about what I read in terms of “what can I take from this and apply now?”…rather than just “hmm, that’s interesting, but I don’t plan on acting on any of it”. I’m not waiting any longer for that perfect opportunity to make big-time progress with my goals and dreams. Instead I’ve changed my thinking to as long as I do something, I’m going to be closer to my goals than I was yesterday — it may not be a lot closer, but its closer nonetheless.

Blog on Tuesday, October 6th? Check.


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