All my Workouts for the Week

October 9, 2009

Unfortunately this has been one area of my lfie which I have been having a difficulty getting under control since I left university in April. Ultimately that has meant that all those gains I wrote about from last December to April when I left school are now lost and I have to start back almost at the beginning  with my tail between my legs.

Finally some good news though as I managed to get in a full 4-day workout week in, so I will again be posting about my progress from time to time as a means of a) keeping myself accountable as well as to keep you all updated on how I continue to use my body as my own personal lab experiment.

For those that are interested to know, I am using the program layout which Mike Robertson discussed in his latest article on T-Muscle >> Check out the article to see what I’m up to (I know you’re dying to!! :) ) I’ve made my own substitutions for some of the exercises but the program set-up and sets/reps are all the same.

I’ll be following Mike’s template for the next 7 weeks, and then moving on to a more focused strength/power-type program.





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