Trying New Stuff in the Lab…err, Gym

October 14, 2009

Something I’ve learned from Pat at our gym is to always try new things, because just reading or thinking something does proove whether it’ll work or not with a specific group of clients. It isn’t that I’m scared of trying new things or scared of change, its just that Pat pushes these boundaries considerably more than I do which is something I admire and learn from.

Of course there is one main criterion for the exercises moving from the planning phase to the testing phase which is: does it impose an inherent danger to our clients? (Obviously the answer needs to be “no”)

From there we move to testing it out on ouselves which I find fun because I’m learning a new exercise but also about how the body works…weird, I know…

Anyways, the unfortunate thing about testing involving us two is that its a very small sample size as well as testing it once doesn’t give us the ability to really assess the exercise’s effectiveness since we aren’t considering possible progression in terms of the exercise performance. So pretty much I end up saying that if the exercise isn’t dangerous, let’s try it out with our clients. This is where the real fun begins as we can find out what technique cues need to be stressed with athletes of different skill levels/training age, where do athetes feel the movement (is it different from where we felt it, does this mean the exercise is too advanced, etc), how difficult/time consuming is it to teach, do our athletes see the purpose of the exercise (after explanation if they choose to ask of course), does it work better than other exercises we’ve used for the same purpose, etc.

Depending on whether the exercise is tested in the warm-up or during the main strength training portion of the training session, we can see some patterns in these areas after a certain time period and then evaluate the usefulness of the exercise for inclusion in the program. A sort of graduation for the exercise if you will.


3 Responses to “Trying New Stuff in the Lab…err, Gym”

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  2. Patrick Says:

    Hey Chris,

    I tried those barbell hip thrusts we chatted about a few weeks ago. Two things that are worth reporting to you:

    1) I didn’t feel them in my glutes until the next day at which point I felt them like crazy.

    2) I couldn’t do the movement unless it was quick – unlike a heavy deadlift that can take a few seconds to complete, BB hip thrusts need to be fast from beginning to end. If I tried to move slowly, the weight wasn’t going anywhere.

    I think they would be fantastic for those athletes who are quad dominant or who lack hip drive with starting, broad jump of penta jump.


  3. Chris Brown Says:

    Good to know, Thanks for passing it on!

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