New job: the excitement and the uncertainty

November 9, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhh, you gotta love starting out on a new job… There’s the excitement of starting something new coupled with that uncertainty of what its actually going to be like. Last week, strength coach Elliott Hulse made a new video blog which ended with a really good perspective on many levels:  Get really comfortable being fu**** uncomfortable.

So this new job of mine…I guess its both similar and dis-similar to what I was doing at SST. Am I training athletes, not really so that’s one point of difference. The really cool thing about it though that gets me fired up and excited is that I don’t have someone else’s training system to follow, so I need to be able to apply all I’ve learned to get results using my own brain. This not only covers program design, but also other facets such as discussing nutrition, flexibility, conditioning, etc. Each session will undoubtedly teach me something which will cause me to reflect on my system of training and adjust of necessary…I LOVE this part because failure is just an opportunity to find a better way to do things.

Anyways, the line Elliott used on his video blog was so good, I’m going to close with it too:

Get really comfortable being fu**** uncomfortable


Enjoy your Monday, November the 9th!



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