Updates Part 2: More Critical Thinking

November 25, 2009

Back for more of the updates? Enjoy!! And as always if you have any thoughts to add, I’d love to hear them!

2. This goes along with my new job. Basically many fitness professionals much smarter than I are putting out products, articles, podcasts, etc to help educate other trainers. Currently much of this is focussed on training athletes or running fitness bootcamps/circuit training (at least most of what my inbox is bombarded with). Because I no longer work with athletes currently and I don’t run bootcamps or have access to much equipment, I’ve had to think more critically about these experts’ ideas. Instead of just trying something out because it seems like a good idea, I now also look at the idea from a logistical standpoint: Where do new exercises fit into my clients’ abilities? Do I have the necessary equipment/space/time? Can I modify an idea to make it work for my clients WITHOUT losing the idea’s effectiveness?

The point being that every time I ingest information in the hopes of making me a better trainer/coach, it can make me better at what I do and the service I provide based on whether I decide to use it or not. Because no trainers’ situations and clients are exactly the same, this not only requires critical thinking of the idea itself, but also the logistics of getting it to blend into an already successful system.



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