Updates Part 3: Chris, How’s your training going??

November 26, 2009

3. Glad “you” asked :) My own training has been going super for the past 8 weeks since I got out of my rut and started up again (I know, super embarassing). Fortunately in these last 8 weeks, I’ve even been able to surpass some strength I attained in the past — gotta love muscle memory!! Basically what I’ve been doing is starting up with a basic template for these two months, slowly inserting things to create a more athletically-based program rather than a typical “lifting” program. Again, this is just how I prefer to train. One of the key things I’ve been working on is to keep exercise progressions going; pretty much 3 weeks with a movement, master it, and progress it. Now I’m not going to get into progressions and how long and whens the right time to switch and who laid a finger on my Butterfinger, just that in the past I feel that I have stayed with things a little too long in the hopes of reaching a certain strength level. Alright folks, three blogs in three days, makes for one hungry me!! Thanks for reading!


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