The Human side of training

December 1, 2009

On the weekend, I met up with my friend and mentor Pat, who I haven’t had the privilege to converse with on a daily basis since I left SST 6 weeks ago. We chatted for quite a while (which usually happens anyways), and our conversation eventually went to training. And it started getting pretty philosophical — which ended being a great benefit to both of us as we were both able to gain some insight from our unique perspectives.

One thing we talked about was getting results in clients — be they the young athletes or the soccer moms we worked with at SST or the personal training clients I have now. And we agreed that there are basically two general aspects to getting results. There’s the technical side — referring to the training program which is designed for a specific result. On the other hand, there’s the human side. This refers to that old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. The best results we have seen in our careers have been in people who not only show up to do the program, but also have that experience where things just click. Where a person switches from a sort of faux motivation to a genuine real motivation to succeed. The thing is this happens at different times for everyone.

Of course this is something that can’t be found in a textbook either — its all learned through experience, so as a young coach in the field, it is an area where I stand to improve extensively as I continue to coach.

Anyways thats just a tidbit from our conversation, but its one of those Ah-ha moments because results aren’t just about the exercises, sets, and reps written down on a piece of paper.

With all that said, its December and getting colder, which can only mean one thing: SPRING TRAINING BASEBALL IS GETTING CLOSER!!!!!!!!!! (this is actually how I used to think between ages 11-18…scary…)


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