My flat tire and 2 aspects of motivation

December 8, 2009

Yesterday was just one of those days…

5:20am getting on the road for a 6am training sessions = flat tire

10:30am appointment at car dealership to change said flat tire…might as well get that oil change I’ve been holding off on too

3:30pm get out of car dealership as 2 tires are finally changed

This goes without saying, but who doesn’t love sitting around for five hours??!! I was ready to pull that tv out of the wall!! (There’s only so much CBC Newsworld I can take, and apparently I found my limit = 3 hrs MAX)

Anyways this blog is really about things I’m learning during the early stages of my career, so I might as well pass on some things that I chose to look at as opportunities during yesterday’s festivities:

1. There ain’t no rest for the wicked! — Probably some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a song from 2009. Yes I have a new job, yes I’m working on starting my first business, but am I doing enough? Probably not. I could stand to get more out of these endeavours if I put even more into them. Which goes into problem #1: Its easy to be motivated when you’re feeling an intense emotion (yesterday’s = somehwat pissed off). Its a different thing to keep that motivation when the emotion has subsided. Last night I had an excellent trainign session with a couple of my clients, and naturally I felt good and happy afterwards. I had to keep reminding myself to stay motivated and not lot my better mood push me back to resting on my laurels.

2. Another example of customer service. At the dealership there were moments of good customer service and there were times of poor customer service (which in my opinion outweighed the good). Point being, everything’s a lesson. Do I want my clients ever feeling like I felt during the times that I received poor customer service? Obviously the answer is no.

3. Don’t stress the things out of your control. Did getting the flat tire bother me? Honestly no. Shit happens every now and again. As my car was getting fixed this became more difficult though as my time at the dealership was the epitome of unproductive  — nevertheless how quickly the car got fixed wasn’t in my control no matter how frustrating it got.

Have a great day!



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