What to do with this warm-up circuits idea??

September 25, 2010

This was one of the newer aspects of programming in Coach Boyle’s Functional Strength Coach 3, and I liked the substance for sure, but the logistics of circuits with personal training clients didn’t sit well with me. Being that I’ve been doing mostly in-home personal training for the past 10 or 11 months, the time required for set up, explanations/demonstrations of each of 10 stations, as well as correcting form on the fly with more than one client usually – this just seemed to be one of those great ideas, but not for my situation.

But I am re-visiting the idea. Here’s why:

Since I picked up the job training at one of the Y’s in the city, I have access to an actual gym, which means space. I don’t have to worry about taking up half a condo gym just for a circuit in this case.

One of my clients also mentioned that they wanted less time warming up so that I could stretch her out at the end (…another post…). The key is I had to find a way to shorten the warm-up while not negatively effecting the quality of it. This is a biggie. As a slight tangent, I know sometimes I do not think enough about redundancy in the warm-up so this was another reminder for me about spending some time re-visiting these.

Here’s another big thing that experience seems to remind me about: I don’t have to follow Coach Boyle’s circuit method only “as is”. Speaking respectfully, he is using something that works for him. He doesn’t know about my situation, so it’s my job as a professional and customer to take the big picture of what he’s saying and make it applicable to my situation. The modification I’ve been thinking and tinkering with have been shorter circuits.

Now I have to just figure out how to do isometric holds the way I would like them do within a given time constraint.

A couple more things I may need to look at:

  • A Gymboss or Workout Muse-type time management system – I hate that I always lose track of time because I’m too busy being a coach to my clients. Its surely my fault for not getting one of these systems sooner.
  • I should really look at getting a flipcam.  I’d enjoy making video posts more while also being able to show what I do versus just writing about it. Bret Contreras’s blog post today reminded me of this.

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